The Bat


Copyright Holly Henry 2016

So! I started this a few months ago but when I got on to the face I thought I’d ruined it and gave up. I came across it the other day whilst organising my work room and thought hmm.. it’s not actually that bad. So glad I gave it another go! This will be sent off to print as part of the updated creature collection, think I’ll do it as an art print as well. As with all my illustrations, this was hand drawn in pen before being scanned, cut out and given a background colour.


5 thoughts on “The Bat

      • hollyhenry says:

        I couldn’t decide which to choose, I read the start of a few haha. I’m a massive eerie horror/thriller fan, currently fascinated by old witch tales (something extra creepy about them) so I’ll definitely be finished those one!

      • Alexis Chateau says:

        Haha that’s great. Well of course the Moreau Witches is about a family of witches. I think you’ll enjoy it. If you get to it, let me know what you think.

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