Wilderness Landscape 1

Copyright Holly Henry 2017


It’s been far too long since I last posted and I’m sorry! I’ve been wanted to do something a little different to my usual insect work (I’ll never stop drawing them though) but nothing was jumping out at me. Landscapes always seemed so daunting, trying to get all that detail onto a piece of paper, especially when my pen drawings tend to be quite small, but I’m so glad I finally forced myself to just try it! So this is my first ever attempt and a landscape illustration and I’m pretty pleased with the results. It was so enjoyable to do and I can’t wait to try more!


2 thoughts on “Wilderness Landscape 1

  1. fictionspawn says:

    Gorgeous!Reminds me a bit of Theodor Kittelsen, a great Norwegian illustrator and artist from the 19th century. If you don’t know him, search his name right now, you’ll be impressed;)

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