I am a freelance illustrator and MA Illustration student at Hertfordshire University, based in Nottingham, UK. In 2014 I graduated with a BA (Hons) in fashion design and technology. During my second year I realised my love was really with illustration and graphic design. Nothing made me happier than a sketchbook project, I  loved to design and illustrate garments and draw tiny, intricate embellishments. I was always excited for my CAD lessons, itching to learn more. A few hours a week just wasn’t enough, so during the summer months I took the time to teach myself more advanced digital design skills and develop my illustrative style further. Since graduating I have taken a number of varied freelance roles as well as designing my own collection of printed gifts and stationery.


I’m inspired by little things in nature. I Love tiny, intricate details like the patterns on snail shells and the texture of bark on old trees. I always carry my camera when I’m out with my dogs, Lola & Willow, walking through woodlands and parks around central England and Devon, creating a collection of photographs to use as inspiration for future designs. To get the creative ideas flowing all I ever need is a little time outdoors, walking, gardening or helping out at the allotment.


For my illustrative work I use pen and pencil to create intricate and detailed illustrations which I then transfer onto the computer where I used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to play with colour, layout and create patterns. Recently I have started to use coloured pencils in some of my work to create texture and a softer feel. I will always enjoy experimenting with different media and styles.

Freelance Roles

  • Raleigh Bikes UK
  • Future Health BioBank
  • Suede Bar
  • Some Kind of Nature
  • The Framework Knitters Museum
  • Neon Wolf Studios
  • Philip Dowse Interiors
  • Communities Inc.
  • Sam Maxfield

Holly Henry Design is supported by the Prince’s Trust.