I am an illustrator inspired by nature. I enjoy turning something seemingly ordinary or off putting, such as a tangle of roots, a snail or an insect, into something desirable through my illustrative style. My aim is to make people see the beauty in creatures that often get dismissed. All of my work starts as a hand drawing done in pen. I then either colour by hand using pencils (this is grown to be my main love) or I use adobe illustrator. I’m fussy with my tools. Because I tend to draw so small and with tiny details I always use a 2H pencil and I much prefer an XS artists pen. I also love the feel of smooth paper and how easy it is to blend layer upon layer of pencil colour.

Freelance Roles

  • Raleigh Bikes UK
  • Future Health BioBank
  • Suede Bar
  • Some Kind of Nature
  • The Framework Knitters Museum
  • Neon Wolf Studios
  • Philip Dowse Interiors
  • Communities Inc.
  • Sam Maxfield

Holly Henry Design is supported by the Prince’s Trust.